General English Course

CRICOS  Course Code: 084667F

Our General English (GE) course is designed for students who wish to improve their English communication skills for social and work situations. This course will enable students to interact and express themselves more effectively in everyday, real-life situations by developing and improving the following:

·    Speaking Skills: learn new vocabulary, improve pronunciation and enhance the ability to express themselves more clearly

·    Reading Skills: develop a wider range of vocabulary and improve understanding of written texts

·    Writing Skills: develop writing skills and the use of language structures, and learn how to write a variety of texts in English

·    Listening Skills: improve understanding of spoken English for a range of purposes

Course Outcomes

Our General English Course enables students to:

·    Use English with greater confidence

·    Develop their ability to understand real-life conversations and television programs

·    Read with greater understanding

·    Speak with increasing fluency, clarity & accuracy

·    Extend and apply their existing grammar knowledge

·    Understand both formal and everyday English

General English Timetable

Entry requirements