General English

CRICOS  Course Code: 084667F

General English (GE) courses are designed for students who want to improve their ability to communicate in English in social and work situations.

GE also provides students with a solid foundation to progress to higher education specific purpose and advanced English courses.

Course Outcomes

GE enables students to:

l  Use English with greater confidence

l  Develop their ability to understand real-life conversations and television programs

l  Read with greater understanding

l  Speak with increasing fluency, clarity & accuracy

l  Extend and apply their existing grammar knowledge

l  Understand both formal and everyday English

Course Content

GE classes are topic based, interactive and use a mixture of course materials, including books, television, radio, CDs, DVDs and computer software. Course content focuses on the development of communication skills with a balance of speaking, listening, reading and writing tasks. Students learn through class activities, individual, pair and small group work.

Each class has a main speaking, listening, reading & writing skills teacher as well as 2-3 other teachers for Options and other classes.

GE Course modules include:

l  Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing

These four core skills are practiced along with grammar using a weekly class topic

l  Reading Skills 

Students read stories, reports and news articles to understand and practice useful language and develop new vocabulary

l  Writing Skills

Students complete different tasks to learn how to write sentences, paragraphs and essays

l  Audio-Visual

Students watch and discuss Australian, and British television programs to learn to listen for general and detailed meaning

l   Computer Assisted Learning

Students use computer language learning programs to develop vocabulary and other English language skills

General English Timetable

Course Information

 Entry requirements

 There are no pre-requisites for General English. Students are required to undertake a placement test on  orientation day to determine their English level.


 52 weeks including 3 weeks break


 20.5 contact hours per week  (Monday - Friday)