10318NAT Diploma of TESOL

10318NAT Diploma of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

CRICOS Course Code: 089542A    

Course Aims

This internationally recognised TESOL Diploma will take learners to the next level in teaching expertise and practical teaching skills and give them the competitive edge as a fully qualified teacher of English to speakers of other languages in Australia and overseas. It is a nationally accredited qualification that meets all the standards for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in Australian schools or institutions and is accepted world-wide. 

Learners who have already successfully attained Certificate IV in TESOL can undertake an additional 4 core units and 1 elective, to achieve the highly regarded Diploma of TESOL.

In this course, students are given theoretical and practical instruction in applying teaching methodology, approaches, and techniques, designing ESL syllabus, assessing ESL learning, and teaching English for academic and specific purposes. Students also have the opportunity to observe qualified and experienced teachers delivering classroom-based lessons and gain further experience in teaching. Full support, assistance and feedback is provided to students throughout the course from a fully qualified and experienced TESOL trainer.

Combined Course (with the Certificate IV in TESOL)

The combined course consists of the Certificate IV in TESOL; 9 core units and 1 elective, and the Diploma of TESOL; 4 core units and 1 elective = 15 units in total. The combined course is offered at a special packaged rate.

The combined course ensures a well-rounded, dynamic and comprehensive understanding of the requirements for teaching English as a second language (ESL).  The Diploma of TESOL enables teachers to teach and assess ESL, at a greater breadth, depth and complexity than at Certificate IV level.

Today’s world sees both employers and students seeking to learn from highly qualified teachers and achieving both the Certificate IV and the Diploma of TESOL will provide graduates with greater employment opportunities in TESOL in Australia and overseas.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, graduates will be able to continue to higher studies in TESOL, or work in the following areas in the TESOL industry:

     ·   ESL Schools in Australia and overseas:

         ·  General English Courses (from beginner to advanced level)

         ·  Study Tours

         ·  Test preparation: IELTS, TOIC, TOEFL

         ·  Business English

     ·    Teaching Adults

     ·    Teaching Children

     ·    Teaching online

     ·    Tutoring

     ·    Teaching in TAFE (need a bachelor’s degree and Certificate IV in TAE as well)

     ·    ESL assistant teacher in government schools (need Certificate III in Education support) 

Course Structure

For those students who have already achieved the Certificate IV in TESOL or equivalent, and wish to achieve the  Diploma of TESOL qualification, they are required to complete 4 core units and 1 elective unit outlined below. These units will provide them with the in-depth knowledge, skills and understanding required to teach and work in the TESOL industry.

Diploma of TESOL: Units of Competency to be completed for this qualification include the following:

Practical Placement Requirements

Students are required to compete a practical placement of a minimum total of 20 hours observation and practice teaching, with at least 10 of those hours being practice teaching, and may be required to provide video evidence for assessment.


Students are given a study guide which provides the course content for each unit and assessment tasks with clear explanations for both. The achievement of competence will be assessed by a range of methods aiming at maximum flexibility and customisation to address specific needs and learning situations which include:

·    Workbook tasks

·    Lesson Plans

·    Peer Teaching

·    Classroom Observations and Practice

·    Research Assignments

Pathways into the Qualification

This course is suitable for those who wish to pursue a career in TESOL and teach English as a foreign/second or additional language, either in Australia or overseas and the following:

·    Qualified teachers from Australia or overseas (with a bachelor’s degree in Education or higher) who wish to add English as a Foreign Language/English as a Second Language/English as an Additional Language teaching skills to enhance their current qualifications or improve their English teaching skills;

·    English Language Teaching Volunteers

Pathways from the Qualification

After achieving this qualification, students may choose to undertake:

  ·  Bachelor of Education or higher education in TESOL or linguistics courses

Course Details